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What we Offer

We are intelligence in action.


Provides to owner operators and carriers our all in plan. For us, everyone gets all service but at the same time we understand that all our customers are unique and we can adjust and fit our processes to fulfill your very own requirements. Our team of highly trained dispatchers will take care of all paperwork, phone calls and payments so all you have to do is Drive.

Load Planning

Our team of logistics experts is there to provide an end-to-end strategic load planning services to facilitate overall carrier cost reductions and enhanced on-time deliveries. Furthermore, you have access Ad-hoc and effective load scheduling in case of any tender rejections.


We at Cargaison Logistics Express delivers the most powerful, comprehensive, resourceful, and cost-effective Bookkeeping, Load Billing, Payroll Accounting, Accounts Payable and Receivable Services as well for your Logistics business with the help of a motivated team of Accounting professionals and highly skilled Accounts associates. We are also a provider of in-depth Financial Analysis and reporting to help you evaluate your Business performance which further improves the viability of Business decisions.


It’s challenging enough operating a business — especially a small one or if you’re just starting out — and maintaining a reliable, steady cash flow can mean the difference between sinking or swimming. Unpaid invoices throw a huge wrench into the works, especially if you depend on the incoming funds for payroll or rent. That’s why Cargaison has teamed up with many factoring companies to provide our clients with factoring services that can make all the difference in the way they do business.


Since we have been around when the EDI system was implemented by the government, we have set process in place. Our dedicated EDI department provides Dispatch Updates every 4 hours which can be increased or decreased according to the need of the client. This eliminates the need and discomfort of chasing updates manually by emails, texts or phone calls. All while giving your customer the confidence and more reliance to you as their trusted carrier/broker.


A dedicated team keeps the driver’s logs up to date and makes sure these logs remain compliant with the ELD mandate. In cases where drivers forget to change their driving status or if there’s some other mistake, we can update their hours of service logs to help the drivers. Driver can easily call or text for any assistance needed regarding HOS or technical issues of ELD. We can provide training to the driver if they have any doubt regarding HOS. We can regulate the unassigned HOS by identifying the drivers who are not using the ELD.

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The power of applied intelligence.


At Cargaison, we are in business to go above and beyond the expectation of our customers and become the most reliable dispatching company for the Transportation and Logistics industry in the United States


Our mission at Cargaison Dispatch Services is to empower entrepreneurs to start and run a successful business, through building strong relationships with our training and expertise, we will equip you with everything you need to succeed. We are committed to your success!


Dispatch operates on values and they drive everything we do. If you connect with these values, we’d love for you to be a part of the team as an employee, customer, or driver.

Our intelligence in action.

We operate 24 hours per day and 7 days a week to ensure our clients have support.